What the opinions of Atheists on Buddhism?





by VOH:

I suppose neither of them believe in the existence of God.

Answer by King Heathen
It’s a peaceful religion…


  1. Buddhism is a type of atheism, silly person.
    “Atheists” just means you don’t believe in God; how long will you guys take to learn this?

  2. Theres a misconception on this board that Buddhists are naturally peaceful and wouldnt hurt a fly.
    Arent they aware of Sri Lanka and the violence between Buddhists and Hindus? There are also extremist monks.
    Of course the religion is also a marker between different ethnicities of Tamil and Sinhalese.

  3. I have no issues with Buddhism. It’s peaceful and keeps to itself. It doesn’t try to force people to convert and there’s none of the drama that comes with Christianity.

  4. In theory, of course Buddhism is a peaceful religion. Out of the six world religions, Buddhism comes out on top. But like every other religion it has the potential to incite followers to violence, c.f. S?hei, Buddhist warrior monks.

  5. people are leaving religion all together in massive droves to follow the PHILOSOPHY of buddism.
    Buddists are Atheists. Buddism goes further to believe in yourself – Buddha is you, you are Buddha.

  6. It’s one of the better religions out there. It’s peaceful and tolerant. Some of the most “Christ-like” people I’ve met have been Buddhists.

  7. Yes, buddhism is more of a philosophy. I think however, some buddists may take this philosophy too far, and implemet it into every aspect of their lives.

  8. Buddhism neither enforces or denies the existence of Gods.
    I believe Buddhism is a peaceful religion that never caused any trouble for anybody.

  9. Buddhism by default has no creator god, but the belief is not mutually exclusive with the religion. Buddhism as a philosophy is amazing.

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