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What the meaning of "tai chi practicing, snow board champion "in Hannah Montana's song: Rock star?


  1. The point of the song ‘Rock Star’ is the person Hannah is singing to/about hasn’t got any idea of the kind of hidden talents she might have. The lyrics say that for all he knows she could be anything, from a “tai chi practicing, snow board champion ” to someone who could fix the car. “I might even be a Rock Star” is the clincher because of course the audience knows that’s exactly what she IS if the person she is singing to/about only knew it.
    It’s part of the whole ‘secretly special’ theme that underlies Hannah Montana. More generally, it’s a way of saying that everyone has hidden talents others do not know about.

  2. “Tai chi practice-snow board champion” is an anagram for “I do cocaine, b*tch. Tip: Pawn! Crash! Roam!” I’m pretty sure there’s some subliminal messaging going on here. You just don’t get those types of anagrams by coincidence.


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