what the hell the psychiatrists and psychologists are doing in schools?





they have diagnosed 90% of the of my friends with some or other kind of psychiatric disease
most of them are diagnosed with bi polar
some of them are shy girls they are diagnosed with social anxiety disorder
and some of my friends are home sick they are diagnosed with separation anxiety disorder
my close friend with anemia and a parasitic infection is being diagnosed with major depression and suicidal
actually i did some research on psychiatry i was shocked to find there no diagnostic proof for psychiatric diseases
most of the psychiatrists who invented this diseases are funded by those drug companies
what the hell the psychiatrists and psychologists are are doing in the schools


  1. You’re right – there is no diagnostic proof, unless you count “having a chat” as diagnosis. That means ‘having a disorder’ is entirely someone else’s opinion without medical diagnosis. ‘Disorders’ don’t show up in brain scans because they are invented labels.
    The reason psychiatrists are in schools is because they have learned from other businesses – fill young heads with nonsense early on and you have brand loyalty for life.
    Remember, psychiatry is a lucrative business and no-one actually gets ‘cured’ by going to a psychiatrist – it’s all talk and no solution. Easy money!

  2. I have generalized anxiety disorder and I went to this one guy who was like “yeah did you know they have found rats in pop cans? There are millions of germs everywhere” I was like wtf. I’m more sane than this weirdo.

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