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What tarot deck do you prefer to use? How accurate have your readings been?


  1. I don’t have one——dark magic and fortune telling does not intrigue me in the least—–besides—-only God can see what the future will bring—–not a crystal ball or stack of cards—!

  2. I have two: the crystal tarot and the mythic tarot. I generally use the crystal tarot because I have small hands and the cards are a bit smaller and fit me better. Also I “feels” good. But I love the mythic tarot interpretive book, it’s the only one I use.

  3. None. I just don’t get into spirit mediums or seers, you know? God warns us against such. It is from Satan… he’s very smart and cunning because he makes things look so innocent and good.

  4. “dark magic and fortune telling does not intrigue me in the least”
    Yeah, but turning rods into snakes and biblical revelations make you wet as hell, right?

  5. I don’t have a preference for a deck, since every deck is only ink on paper essentially. It is the signs that we read from the decks that are of any significance. I will be honest, I picked up my first and only deck so far from chapters (a canadian bookstore chain) and the information it provided me in one specific reading (that I chose to disregard) was so beneficial to my situation at that time that I am kicking my self right now for it.

  6. my friend megan made her own set from a kit she bought and it was about 90% accurate for herself and about 75% for me. i don’t know if she used it with anyone else to be able to tell, honestly. i hope i helped!

  7. The ones that burn quicker. Great way to stay warm or cook marshmallows. In fact, they have been so accurate that God nearly had me killed to give me a wake up call. I congratulated myself after a Christian girl challenged me to read cards for her and she ended up running out of the room in tears.
    Back to the point. If the deck doesn’t burn well, I can also use gas or some other sort of flammable liquid. It doesn’t really matter what kind as long as I get a good rush when either I burn them or if someone gets what I’m saying and begins burning them while I get to watch. It really is LOTS of fun and I encourage people to burn tarot decks out of respect to the Lord God.

  8. Hello
    I use, study & teach the Rider Waite’s – boring, wonderful & traditional! lol
    They are as accurate as I am clear minded.

  9. The Rider Waite Smith decks are my favorites. I prefer the original–in yellow box–1970s version and also what they have produced called “The Original Rider Tarot.” Either way, they are both very good decks and probably look identical to most people if not comparing them side by side.
    The Rider-Waite deck was conceived by Arthur Edward Waite and painted by Pamela Colman Smith. This was the first deck to include pictures on all of the Minor Arcana cards. Before this deck the Minor Arcana cards looked similar to that of playing cards–like how the 5 of Hearts in a playing deck just has a pattern.
    Also, I’ve been reading Tarot for nearly 16 years and the readings are accurate! Some people will have you believe it’s a lot of hocus pocus or nonsense, but once you get really good you know certain cards mean certain things (i.e. that friend will finally pay you the money they’ve owed you for a long time). Others will have you believe that a few keywords can make anything accurate, but those keywords are to help novices learn. Reading Tarot gets better and is VERY accurate.

  10. Personally, I believe that everyone has different decks that they are drawn to at different times in their life. Currently my favorite deck is The Gilded Tarot. The best prices I’ve seen so far for this deck are at http://www.silverwingtarot.com/store-products-TC75-Gilded-Tarot_41679642.html. A few years back, I used only the Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud. This is an amazing deck http://www.silverwingtarot.com/store-products-TC73-Faeries%60-Oracle_41840997.html. I suggest looking at different decks and finding the one that fits you best.
    As for how accurate my readings have been, I would have to say fairly accurate. I’ve studied and worked with tarot for a long time.


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