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What tarot card(s) are associated with the following:?

the Spring,March and April, and fertility


  1. Spring is Associated with these:
    Cups (all Cup cards) = Spring: the months of March, April & May.
    Fixed Sign: Leo
    Element: Water
    Cardinal Direction: West
    Ancient Celtic Correlation: Soul
    Alchemy: Water
    Function: Feeling
    Cups Keys: Love, Happiness, Relationships
    Peoples & Profession: Healing Professional
    For Fertility in the Major Arcana by Astrological Alignment:
    Death card, ruled by Scorpio (genitalia) ~ water element
    Empress card (mother), ruled by Venus ~ earth element
    High Priestess, (gate keeper of the Moon) ruled by Moon ~ water element
    The Moon (menstruation), ruled by Pisces ~ water
    As far as Wands, they represent fertility, but this would align to the Fire element, meaning a fertile male rather than a fertile female. Wands fertility is mainly found in “intuitive creativity”. They do represent births in the sense of the creation (birth) of ideals, by folks like Einstein or Nobel Prize winners, the creators among us. Wands do not refer to natal pregnancy fertility.
    Hope this helps . . .
    Blessings, E


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