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What tarot card is this – beige background, sand, lizard or dragon?

I don’t know the name of the deck, or which card it was supposed to be, but the picture on the front was all sandy coloured with one large lizard or maybe a dragon on the front. Again sandy coloured. It was a profile view (from the side) and I think his head was slightly turned to face the viewer. It was JUST the lizard/dragon and some sandy-like background. I don’t recall any significant features – protruding tongue, etc – just a spiky ugly little bugger against sand. There may have been a desert like tree.


  1. Every deck has a different picture for each card, you can’t possibly know unless you know what type of deck.
    You know, the fool could be literally a fool in one deck, just a man in the other.

  2. Every deck is different so I honestly couldn’t tell you, but yo can bet that it was a face card or part of the major arcana. Some possibilities include: The Fool, The emperor, The magician, or a king, or Page etc.

  3. If it is a horned toad–which is actually a Lizard–squat and bit chubby in the body with lots of spikes, it might be an “Old West” deck. There are very few about as they were only on the shelves for tourists until the “Native American” deck came out.

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