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What tarot card deck doesn't have pentacles?

I’m new at the whole reading thing but I’m a christian I’ve realized it’s not satanic but I would connect much more with a deck if it had suit of coins rather then suit of pentacles. I tried to look at christian decks but I didn’t connect with those either so anyone have any suggestions on really pretty decks without pentacles. Thanks!


  1. You’re going to want to look at decks that originated about 100 years ago or so. Coins are traditional and the pentacle wasn’t used to replace them until about the time of the Rider-Waite deck (if I remember correctly). Your local spiritual or “new age” store should have a good idea of exactly which decks had their origins around that time and be able to order them for you.
    Edit: It just occurred to me that the Renaissance deck would not have the pentacle, but rather the coin. It would also replace the wands with swords. If I remember correctly it has beautiful artwork in it as well.

  2. The Native American Tarot Deck has no pentacles. It’s published by the U,S. Games Systems New York N.Y.
    Contact Cards from Bear&Co. has no pentacles.
    You can use a regular palying deck. It’s called cartomancy.

  3. Pentacles are your only concern? There are plenty of decks with coins suits, or wheels, or circles etc. But some images might be uncomfortable for you. Check Aeclectic.net, or taroteca.multiply.com you can browse through decks and see which ones you might like to work with.
    Or maybe it will be easier for you to find nice oracle cards, where you don’t have to worry about suits.
    Check your local metaphysical bookstore, sometimes they do have catalog of tarot decks, where you can look at actual cards and see how you feel about them.
    But as far as decks without pentacles – Vanessa Tarot, Ancestral Path tarot, Maat tarot, Tarot of dreams (really really pretty), Buckland Romani tarot, Motherpeace tarot. That’s all I’m familiar with.


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