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What super power would you like to have and what is your sign?

I would love to have telepathy (read minds)


  1. I’d have the power to remove clothes from people without them noticing…… 😉
    And I don’t have a clue, April 4th is my birthday.

  2. Teleporting Speed.I would Run so fast you could not see me and when i stop i would reappear.Something about Speed iam very interested in and yet Iam extremely fast and i always make the track team (=
    Sign Virgo

  3. Time travel so I can fix my mistakes and save people. Lots of stress, drama, heartache, and regret would be prevented. Also, I can win the lottery cause I already know the winning numbers.

  4. I would adore being able to transform into any animal. Could you imagine being an Eagle one minute, and then a lion the next?

  5. Superhuman tracking, the power to track down an object or individual through supernatural means, also known as “pathfinding”. I lose stuff too easily and I’m absentminded so I think I’ll use this. Then again I’d like different powers also. xD Something to do with being psychic mostly. Or superhuman speed…

  6. I would go for elemental powers, specifically control over electricity. Shooting lightning bolts from my hands would be amazing. Being able to summon lightning bolts from the sky whenever I want, stuff like that too.


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