Home Discussion Forum What stone is pink, and now i ahve 20 charcters.?

What stone is pink, and now i ahve 20 charcters.?

For example, citrines are yellow, what class of stone is citrine? And in that same class of stone, what would the pink variation be called. And no, im not talking about a pink citrine, i’m talking about for example, if citrine is a mineral, and its usually yellow, what would be the name of the stone that is usually pink andi s also a mineral.
im not certain if citrine is a mineral, that was just an example. Hopefulyl, some rock specialist people can tell me what citrine is and what the pink one in that line is.


  1. Citrine is a variety of quartz whose color ranges from a pale yellow to brown. Natural citrines are rare; most commercial citrines are heat-treated amethysts or smoky quartzes. It is nearly impossible to tell cut citrine from yellow topaz visibly, but they differ in hardness. Citrine has ferric impurities, and is rarely found naturally. Brazil is the leading producer of citrine, with much of its production coming from the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The name is derived from Latin citrina which means “yellow” and is also the origin of the word “citron.” Sometimes citrine and amethyst can be found together in the same crystal and is referred to as ametrine.

  2. Citrine is yellow quartz. Pink quartz is rarely found in a clear crystal as the the color is unstable, but when it is it is called … pink quartz. Sorry.

  3. I am not a rock specialist by any means but the first thing that came to mind is Rose Quartz. I think what your asking is a bit over my head but I did find these web pages that might have what you are looking for. Hope it is helpful.
    The last web link just looked like a good one, not necessarily just about pink stones.


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