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What stabilizes my positioned location and consciousness, if all is from a singularity?

Shouldn’t I be here, there, and everywhere?
Why not.


  1. Each person is a universe upon himself (her) so what is this about a singularity Maybe you could view it as a galaxy versus another.

  2. gravity lol
    the singularity your talking about is made up of several aspects of our being and surroundings; nature, people, religion,destiny, past, present, future. it’s all woven into a singularity which makes up our existence and why we are here.
    nothing in it’s self is singular but the whole of the pattern of our existence is concrete, it is what it is.
    i guess that makes us special when knowing that we are a part of a greater design.
    woooooooo too deep

  3. All is stabilized singularity from your location and consciousness. From what I believe we are all manifestations of the universe. Believe in God if you want, but the truth is we are a part of the universe and we are one of its waves. Am I more special than the shark who can sense electrical current kilometers underwater, or that of the magic of the magnificent cosmos? No, I will die, and I will share something as all the universe does. What, where, why–truly? It’s too much to explain here. Read this:Just Six Numbers, if the cosmos intrigues, or, read this if you want to read our amazing human journey: Mendeleyev’s Dream–nothing . . . has stirred me more. Also the Seven Daughters of Eve for origin, or genetics.
    I have read much, but these have stood out and humbled me.
    (Sorry to stray from the question but it is simply to complex to answer. Read these three books, especially Mendeleyev’s, and you will know friendship, kinship and awe.)

  4. This “singularity” is the laws of nature, which our consciousness perceives as a “cosmos.” Our minds follow the laws of the nature of Homo sapiens, which is the law of reason. Each of is is a “particular” within the “general” cosmos. The laws of nature do not make you omnipresent.


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