Home Discussion Forum What spiritual activity will you be taking part in this sunday?

What spiritual activity will you be taking part in this sunday?

I will be going walking in my local woods, taking my singing bowl and getting closer to nature. Everywhere is my church, and every day is a holy day, its just that Sundays I don’t have to work!
hypno_toad1, go here to find out what a singing bowl is


  1. Today I was reading my Dianetics book, by L. Ron Hubbard. I was learning about why memories of unconsciousness aren’t easily available. From this, by discovering the single source of human suffering, I can learn how to resolve it and thus bring about a freedom from such pain and suffering for real. I plan to continue my studies tomorrow. Dianetics is really just the beginning of the Scientology religion.

  2. I’ll be going down to our “Farm” (we recently bought 65 acres of wooded land) later… while they work on a tractor for a cousin, I’ll be walking around through the woods. It’s one of the most peaceful places I can go to… I will be so glad when we can finally move down there (and get me out of the city).

  3. Walking my dog, planting , weeding, casting my circles, and giving an orchid plant to my next door neighbor who just had a baby.


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