What spiritual activity will you be taking part in this sunday?

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I will be going walking in my local woods, taking my singing bowl and getting closer to nature. Everywhere is my church, and every day is a holy day, its just that Sundays I don’t have to work!
hypno_toad1, go here to find out what a singing bowl is

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I will be at the Gay Pride Parade here in Dallas with my church. In less then twelve hours. I really should at least try to sleep.


I will be sleeping. But your activities do sound nice. I do not get out to nature much anymore. 🙁

Love Yahoo!!! wannabe a princess

I will go to church tomorrow…

walter e

bed is nice


I’m taking my kids to services at the Unitarian Universalist church. Maybe later we’ll watch Mr. Bean on DVD.


Today I was reading my Dianetics book, by L. Ron Hubbard. I was learning about why memories of unconsciousness aren’t easily available. From this, by discovering the single source of human suffering, I can learn how to resolve it and thus bring about a freedom from such pain and suffering for real. I plan to continue my studies tomorrow. Dianetics is really just the beginning of the Scientology religion.


Whats a singing bowl?
Oh ok, I’ve seen those.
Have an enjoyable day.


I will be sleeping because I work 3rd shift.


I’ll be going down to our “Farm” (we recently bought 65 acres of wooded land) later… while they work on a tractor for a cousin, I’ll be walking around through the woods. It’s one of the most peaceful places I can go to… I will be so glad when we can finally move down there (and get me out of the city).

Janet L

None today. I’m relaxing but if something spiritual happens then I’ll just go with it.

Lady Morgana

Walking my dog, planting , weeding, casting my circles, and giving an orchid plant to my next door neighbor who just had a baby.


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