What spectrum of the occult did you practice before you ventured into the realm of Christianity?

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Southern Belle♥

none. always a Christian, 🙂


athiest,I use to not believe in God,but thank God now i believe in Him


Buddhist, satanism,humanism atheist and anything i could find i new in my heart what was the truth but i was in denial thank god found me

Glow wings

Enough to know the difference and know it well. I studied that side of darkness for seven years.
I know how to fight when it comes to spiritual warfare!

That Canadian Guyâ„¢

I ventured in the realm of insanity and confusion before I entered christianity…I still feel like i’m in that realm of confusion and insanity!!

great gig in the sky

I used to be a drinker. I used to dabble with a Ouija board spelling out “k-i-s-s m-e” to girls.
Besides that, I never had much use for the occult.

Rene O

No occult practices needed. We are free from lies Satan tries to put upon us. Free from lies he speaks to us. Satan has no hold on believers. He lost our souls.

Christmas Kitty AY AE

My journey went in opposite direction –
if it counts
(It started with discovery of Santa´s real identity, at age 5 and 1/2


I was a Baptist, then I got smart and became a witch.


BEFORE Christianity?
Ummm… the Evil Big Wheel brigade (I was pretty young when my parents took me in for my first day at church- I still remember it).

Servant of the Papacy

This has to be the most feeble question you have asked so far.
I have always been Catholic.

We're all Living in AmeriKa

I am still an adept of Hermeticism, occult knowledge sort of prevents much religious pretending.

Robert K

I am enthusiastically interested in such things as history, religion, philosophy, the nature of consciousness, utopian communities, spirituality and the lives of spiritual icons and a lot of other areas of knowledge. I have checked out lots of things in the area of the occult, and I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing more powerful, important, exciting and wonderful than love…and I still feel like I’m a beginner in this area of life.

Charis M

I was baptised as an orthodox Christian and I learn the Bible from school.
Here in Greece Christianity is an actual class.
God bless you, and give you love and peace in your life and many years to live and ask this beautiful questions!
May God be by your side!


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