What spectrum of the occult did you practice before you ventured into the realm of atheism?

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Baptism christianity. I still have nightmares.


Before I was an atheist, I was a fetus

The Rev. Flibble esquire

Elvisology and Tarot, with a major in sasquatchology

××ž× ×“×”

Religion isn’t occultism. The term “occult” is too inaccurately used.

laur - atheist

Presbyterian church, where I was constantly told that it was a sin to enjoy:
taking a shower
etc etc etc
And then one day I was playing cards in the Nave with my friend and then Sunday School teacher walked by and gave me a lecture about how I was of the devil.
After my mom found out about that, we stopped going to church.
And then my mom and I got into that stupid Sylvia Browne psychic stuff, with the whole ‘Novus spiritus” church. and she is still completely into it and her personal psychic said I was a dark entity so we don’t really talk anymore, except when she calls to tell me what the psychic said about my future.


It was scary, they made us chant about how great thier god-king was and everything.

MeJane aka EL

When I was 8 my mom took me to this seminar for work on fire safety. The things I saw scared the wee out of me. For about 2 years after that every night before I went to bed this is what I would “pray”:
I lay me down to sleep…blah blah. Please let there be no hurricanes, tornadoes, or fires.
I guess you could call it the cult of scared childology.


I didn’t. I was always an agnostic and have become steadily more atheist as I’ve got older.


I have never practiced any of the occult spectrum’s. I’ve never had a belief in the supernatural.

eric mugambi

am criaz to join plz i want


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