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What spectrum of the occult did you practice before you ventured into the realm of atheism?


  1. Presbyterian church, where I was constantly told that it was a sin to enjoy:
    taking a shower
    etc etc etc
    And then one day I was playing cards in the Nave with my friend and then Sunday School teacher walked by and gave me a lecture about how I was of the devil.
    After my mom found out about that, we stopped going to church.
    And then my mom and I got into that stupid Sylvia Browne psychic stuff, with the whole ‘Novus spiritus” church. and she is still completely into it and her personal psychic said I was a dark entity so we don’t really talk anymore, except when she calls to tell me what the psychic said about my future.

  2. When I was 8 my mom took me to this seminar for work on fire safety. The things I saw scared the wee out of me. For about 2 years after that every night before I went to bed this is what I would “pray”:
    I lay me down to sleep…blah blah. Please let there be no hurricanes, tornadoes, or fires.
    I guess you could call it the cult of scared childology.

  3. I didn’t. I was always an agnostic and have become steadily more atheist as I’ve got older.


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