What SPECIFICALLY are spiritual people referring to when they use the term "Energy"?

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Please define this term in the most specific terms that you can.
And if you could, please compare a spiritual definition of “energy” with the definition used by physicists: The capacity of a physical system to do work.

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I am an energy body worker. To me, that means the electrical energy that both surrounds and permeates the body, and can be seen with Kirlian photography. It is the same force that the Chinese call ‘chi’ and the Japanese ‘ki’, it is the untouchable, but scientifically provable force that helps the body to heal and to function at its highest level.

Queen of (suspension) Yack

Energy never dissolves it only changes form.
I believe this from a physical and spiritual perspective.


Energy exists in all things.
Energy is all there is.


I think of it as a level of feeling a person is on or a vibration they are sending out. I met Oprah Winfrey about 30 years ago & she has an energy that was the best I have ever seen on anyone. It is something you can’t see unless you do see auras but you know it is there & you notice the person’s energy attracts to it in like form. A place can have an angry energy & people come in & feel angry. I know some people who buy ahouse from a divorcing couple can still feel this energy & can even have a cleansing of the house done. You can go the site of Abraham-Hicks they talk about vibration & claim if a person wants to manifest something they need to pull their energy up to a level of bliss. They have a long list of the feelings people have with grief which might be high than anger for example. You can use the list to pull yourself up….You can watch the DVD The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes no the movie which is all diffferent. or the one You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay which show how are thougths create our life which is energy creating matter =metaphysics


I don’t know and I suspect they don’t know, either.
Hint to all you “spiritual” types: Inability to define the terms used in an argument is a sure sign that you haven’t done your homework.

Rev. Sarah

Good question. I will try to answer, which is a good exercise for anyone doing energy work.
Energy: what keeps us alive. Example: the liver converts fat or food to sugar, an energy source, and the cells then convert the sugar to direct energy as cells working. In this type of energy, science can describe it all. Example: the nerve cells pass signals from one cell to another by a small but measurable electric pulse. Again, measurable, although very tiny.
But what you are looking for is more ephemeral than that. Sometimes it is the same a Grace, it is the pure energy of the universe, not physical but either astral or in a more rarified form. In this sense, it is the juice that makes magic work, and is part of the psychology of the human brain. While it is part of the human brain -the physical organ- it is by no means limited to it.
“Energy” in this sense, is also close to what Magicians call “Power”. It is a fundamentally unphysical force that on occasion manifests as a physical phenomena, generally is shaped and moved by direction of human will. The body is part of the equation, but is not the sole vehicle. That would be the aura, as mentioned the inner aura which shows on Kirilian photographs, as well as the outer aura, the sheath of “energy” that surrounds even the Kirilian aura.
There is very little in the way of a definition that will satisfy a scientist, because it is not primarily a physical force. It mostly operates outside of the manifest physical world of the scientist. And, it is very real indeed.
May the Force be with you!


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