What South Slavic pagan groups are there?

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I would like to see what pagan groups there are in countries like Croatia, Serbia, etc.
And what deities do they worship?
Any help is appreciated.

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Ferssitas Gropoulos

I like slavic women.


Tough one to answer. I would check witchvox.com. You can check for people in specific areas. I don’t know that they have anyone there from those areas. You could always google.
BTW pagan groups don’t necessarily worship deities based on geographical location. I know many in the US that honor Celtic gods. I myself am in the US and I honor the Egyptian pantheon.

Rico JPA

I don’t know if there are any, but Zalmoxis would have been one of the primary figures.

The angels have the Bellevue.

No idea, but have a tune anyway. 🙂
These guys are said to have started as the band in a Belgrade bar called Blek Panters.


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