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What sort of clothes should i wear for my informative speech on meditation?

it can’t just be regular clothes. most people will be dressing in business type clothes, but i wanted my clothes to fit the topic more. my professor agreed and said i could wear something different, but what should it be?


  1. Try wearing something light and comfortable. If it feels too loose or painful, don’t wear it. If you have to engage in an act of meditation, such clothes would be too much of a distraction.

  2. Cloths give a big impression on the message. But it depends on what type of speech you are giving and what your audience is.
    – If you were giving a speech as an expert on a subject to a professional audience you’d want to dress in a professional manner.
    – If you are giving the speech to a group of people wanting to learn meditation, you would want to dress in clean nice looking cloths that might also be comfortable for you as you go through meditation exercises.
    – If you’re giving the speech to fellow classmates for school, you might wear comfortable cloths that you would wear for your own personal meditation. As long as those are your PJs, or none at all. 😉
    When I teach meditation, I prefer to wear loose fitting cloths that many have called ‘spiritual attire’. Think of how you want your message to be perceived based on your appearance and you’ll find the right thing for you speech.


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