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What song or musical piece do you find most uplifting and beneficial for prayer or meditation?

Thank you for sharing.


  1. This inspiration song is sung to the tune “I’m all shook up” by Elvis
    My hands are nailed
    My feet are tied
    I can’t rock and roll because I’m crucified
    Oh ho ho yeah hey hey
    I’m all nailed up

  2. Amazing Grace Cherokeehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvYIjFtPQEk
    It is so soft, melodic and soothing to the soul. You don’t have to read or speak Cherokee to be blessed by it.

  3. I practice zen meditation – zazen.
    Zazen is best practiced without any music or other noise in the background, especially when first learning to meditate. After you are more experienced in meditation you can meditate anywhere under any conditions, but this only comes after a lot of practice.
    I’d advise you to try to find as quiet as place as possible for your meditation.


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