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What situation have you found yourself in recently to make you re-think your spiritual philosophy?

Health emergencies, family death etc. etc., can cause a person to take a fresh look at philosophy or religion; it can bring about a change or affirm the beliefs already held. Just out of curiosity, did your most recent evaluation result in a change of belief, or greater confidence in the beliefs you already had?
Skalite: OUCH! Glad to see you’re still here. Cars can hurt. *rubs busted knee*
Take care and have a nice day.


  1. My atheism has not wavered since I realized the truth. Every day I don’t see god makes my atheism that much stronger.

  2. I got hit by a car.
    Until then, I had been wondering if everything was in my mind, that I was dreaming and none of it was real.
    I was wrong. I really got hit by a real car, and and it REALLY hurt.

  3. I was up $!*# creek without a paddle. I thought, should I use my hands for praying out of this? Or should I use them to start paddling?
    Needless to say, there is now $!*# on my key board.

  4. Serious heartbreak.
    I had some doubts, sat down re-examined my philosphies. Compared them to atheism. And realized that I still believe what I believe, even if I am pissed at the world at the moment and logic says otherwise.
    So I suppose it reinforced my beliefs.

  5. 2 years ago, I got married and then while on my honeymoon found out my husband (who I had been with for 4 1/2 years) had a seperate life he was leading, complete with a pregnant girlfriend and thousands of dollars he had stolen from me…..
    I had the marriage anulled, and in the 3 months that followed, my sister passed away in an accident, my grandmother passed away of a brain tumor, and my beloved 15 year old dog died.
    It’s understatement to say it was the hardest time of my life…. unbelievably I never lost my faith that God loved me, and that everything was happening was for a reason… I still don’t know that reason…. maybe just to make me a stronger person… but I always felt God’s presence, and I felt like he was suffering with me, as odd as that sounds, like it hurt him to watch me hurting, yet he knew I had to go through it….
    I dunno….
    Hope this helps answer your question!

  6. I have ponder my actions and commitment in those things I believe are true for the same reasons of your non-belief or false beliefs.
    However, upon further self-deliberation, I find that I was forewarned of these events and how my actions and commitments would increase my belief in that which I believed from the beginning.
    It is not my belief that is being questioned, it is my desire being tempted. But my Father in heaven has given me power to overcome.

  7. Reading a book. The Four Agreements. Helped me come back into touch with some of my most basic understandings.
    be well

  8. NONE!! Facts are Facts! I AM the God of My World. Jesus even said so in the Bible when the disciples asked Him how to find God! LOOK WITHIN Said Jesus referring to our immortal and omnipotent and all knowing soul!
    Everything tht I believe was allowed in by ME! I ONLY accept values that are true and necessary for ME! All that I know is according only to ME!
    When I die I will move to the next classroom but only after my next life is chosen and planned by ME!
    EVerything that I see and experience is only according to the experiences of ME!
    I AM THE GOD of MY World!
    Peace … nuff said!


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