HomeDiscussion Forumwhat simple things can i implement to feng shui my house?

what simple things can i implement to feng shui my house?

i understand my stairs face my front door and according to feng shui principles, this represents my money going straight out the door (which i can vouch for!). Is there something i can do to counteract this and are there any other simple things i can do/implement to ensure my house is feng shui-ed?


  1. Yes, this isn’t the best arrangement – but it can be fixed! A couple of solutions are: hang a crystal above the door frame inside, also put a solid heavy object at the bottom of the stairs such as a small piece of furniture, planter or small statue. All this will slow down the energy going out the door. There’s more easy to use tips and Feng Shui advice on this webpage:

  2. Not only money problem. There are other problems as well.
    If possible, try to hide the staircase. Or find a good feng shui master to help you solve the problem.

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