Home Discussion Forum What similarities are there between Hinduism and Buddhism?

What similarities are there between Hinduism and Buddhism?

by Chuck:

And should they really be classified as religions or should they be classed as purely spiritual?

Answer by Nevets
Hinduism is practiced by hindus, while buddhists tend to practice buddhism. Hope this helped.


  1. buddhism was born out of Jainism which was born out of Hinduism. Basically the same metaphysical beliefs. Buddhists just don’t have the Pantheon of gods that the Hindus do.

  2. Reincarnation is the only similarities between Hinduism & Buddhism. Buddhism rejects the “caste” system of Hinduism & although do believe in a God as prime mover of the world, do not give it much thought other than that. Hinduism believe in many Gods & have shrines to them & so can be called a “religion”. As for Buddhism, it can be relegated to simple spirituality.

  3. The believes and practices of an individual can be classed as purely spiritual, but once you have two practitioners communicating experiences and sharing practices it becomes a religion.

  4. They are both religions.
    Buddhism is closely related to Hinduism (as are some other religions) and they share some important beliefs – they both believe in reincarnation and the cycle of samsara – birth, life, death, and rebirth – and in the influence of karma on the circumstances into which you will be born in the next life. They both believe that the ultimate end is to escape from the cycle of rebirth.
    However, they are quite different in some very fundamental ways.
    For Hindus, there is an eternal soul that does not change, in essentials, from life to life. The material bodies it inhabits are like clothes. Buddhists believe that there is no core soul – that your experiences, actions, and intentions (your karma) constantly act upon you and you are constantly changing in response, so that the cycle of samsara is a long process of becoming.
    They also have different beliefs regarding the escape from the cycle of reincarnation. For Buddhists, achieving enlightenment – seeing the true nature of phenomenon and of oneself, eliminating all craving and desire – releases you from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. For Hindus, realizing the oneness of existence, achieving mental peace or perfect unselfishness, perfect detachment from the world, or perfect knowledge of oneself, or the realization of unity with god releases you from the cycle of rebirth.

  5. Buddhism lies within the umbrella of Hinduism, and many Hindus regard the Buddha as the ninth avatar of Vishnu.
    Both preach A(vi)himsa (harmlessness).
    Both suffered persecution during the Muslim invasions of the 6th Century.
    Buddha can be regarded as a reformer of Hinduism. Although He campaigned against animal sacrifice (which has now become mainstream Hinduism), and tried to transcend the Caste System, he didn’t dismantle it.
    Also both religions emphasise the worship of deities, contrary to popular belief.
    Where they differ is maybe in the standards of monastic discipline, but other than that, they are very related.
    Like Brothers. : )
    Good Question, my friend, it got me to think.


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