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What sign are most of the astrology haters?

Nonbelievers- what sign are you?
And to the believers- what are some of the most common signs you think these ppl are who come on the forum and say crap about astrology?


  1. Must be the atheist ones.At least most of them,that think science will lead them to the truth.hahaha
    No offense to anyone btw.
    @Lee:While I do believe in astrology,I refuse to accept that something called stars determines my future or who I am.The reason is that I have yet to find it completely accurate.It’s funny how it can hit the bull’s eye in one of those description about me and how in the next sentence it can be the exact opposite of what it just said.So I’m not gonna really blame the ones who don’t believe.

  2. In my experience it is usually Aquarius. They refuse to believe that someone can peg them based on the stars. They believe they are an individual and it’s not possible. I then try to explain to them that a lot of Aquarians feel that way. The other signs have been Capricorns and Scorpios, i think this is because all of those signs are naturally skeptical.

  3. The chance that through the intrepretation of celestial signs and our time of birth to somehow know our “destiny” is completely illogical and only slows down the progression of the human race towards something better and stoops us to a low. You are daft if you believe this, just go outside to live your life. Don’t stay inside reading horoscopes. And I know you could say stuff about me being inside here but I’m just really bored in class. Have fun.
    I’m a cancer.

  4. In my experience lots of Aries don’t have time for astrology, and I’d say that Aquarius also tends to be highly sceptical of it.

  5. Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces they are the most haters, and non-believers of Astrology..
    Believers are Libra, Gemini, Leo, and Taurus..

    • I do not believe in astrology (western or Indian), this comes after studying astrology for about 20 years with an open mind. I happen to be under the sun sign Gemini, for the sake of it. I could not reproduce the same truth or inference after studying about 5,000 horoscopes (horror scopes!). But with science, I am able to definitely draw the inference like for example petrol will burn where as water will not under normal circumstances!.
      But I have respect and tolerance people who believe in this non-science. One cannot find out which signs hate astrology or science. This whole idea is wrong and based on chance theory. No offence please.

  6. Most haters and non astrology believers – Capricorn and Pisces
    Believers – Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra and Taurus.

  7. I believe in higher beings and spirituality and do believe in astrology. As far as religion, I dont care who preaches at me, it probably wont make me change my opinion. However, I am very respecful in what religion someone practices and I love hearing about all the different religions.
    Most aquarians do believe in astrology because we have a love for mystery and the future, but many have their own beliefs on religion.

  8. Believers and non-believers are in all signs, it does not make sense to think otherwise. This is not a pro astrology forum. It is a horoscope Q & A. In the Entertainment section.
    Believers just seem to think there has to pattern in everything. Well guess what, there isn’t. No one has control over when they are born, that is called randomness. Seems trivial but you can’t ignore it. That we are even conceived is extreme randomness. We can choose whether or not we want to be critical thinkers or gullible.
    I don’t say crap about astrology. I seek out for evidence for astrology and for it’s claims. Along with logic and reason. But nobody seems to have anything other than anecdotes and speculation. Also, I don’t ask for 100% accuracy for the claims of astrology, that can’t happen. Not even 50% though it to be really useful, astrology should be right more than be wrong. The only evidence that astrology needs to produce that it consistently does something better than random chance. That simple.
    Example: Pick something, like how lots of believers say that they can identify a person’s sun sign (or rising sign if it’s easier) by just looking at them. By guessing on average, it is 12 to 1 that a untrained person will be correct.
    For a person that has studied astrology for a long time, the success rate should be much higher. Is there an astrology expert that can be right 7 times out of 12 subjects? 5 out of 12? 3 out of 12? After all, why would these experts need to “guess”? The last two of these mean that the experts still are wrong more than right. But even at 3 out of 12 is much better than random chance.
    Beat random and you have your evidence for astrology. Numbers don’t lie. If you can’t beat random, astrology is not crap, it is totally useless.

  9. 100% capricorn, they don’t believe in anything(god,tarot,luck) except for working hard
    why sagittarius? They are one of the most spiritual signs! I am a sag and I believe in anything!

  10. I would say Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. Generally, anyone what a majority of Earth in their charts.
    Earth is the element that represents practicality and things that are clearly measurable and tangible. I think this would indicate skepticism in non-material things, generally.

  11. The first time I read my Sun sign description I noticed I’m completely different, but I shrugged.
    The more I read about my Sun sign the more angry and bitter I was. Especially when I realized that there are too many generalising dumb people out there who will cathegorize people by Sun signs.
    I’m an Aries.
    PS: And no, being angry doesn’t have anything to do with my Sun sign. It’s natural to be angry.
    PPS: This little research has just prooved that astrology makes no sense. What have you got out of this?


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