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What should you say when doing a ouija board?

I may be doing a ouija board tonight, and i want to make sure i don’t get my house haunted or anything. what should i say so i don’t haunt the house or upset the spirits. any tips for a first time user?


  1. You must remeber that you must be respectful and careful towards spirits. Do not fear them, but respect them.
    First, meditate for a little while. Clear your head, say a little prayer. Start by asking, “Is there a spirit with me?” Wait for it, don’t rush it. Close your eyes and relax. Eventually, it will move. If it doesn’t, repeat the question two-three more times. If you get nothing, end the session by moving the planchette to the “Good-bye” part of the board and say strongly, “Thank you, please go back to where you came from, no spirits may leave this board.” NEVER ask a spirit how he/she died. They get upset sometimes. If you feel something bad or evil, quickly dismiss the spirit the way I said above. Never ask the spirit to show you a sign it is with you. This gives the spirit a chance to leave the board. If the planchette starts to move in all four corners, move through the Alphabet, or try to spell out an evil word such as “Devil”or “Evil” quickly dismiss it. A few good questions to ask after you get a spirit are:
    What is your name? (If the spirit refuses to tell you his/her name, dismiss it.)
    How old are you? (never WERE.)
    Where do you live? (A lot of times you will get spirits that don’t live anywhere near you because a Ouija board is a door for any spirit.)
    How do you feel? (If the spirit is upset or confused, dismiss it.)
    Go with your gut! A Ouija board session is a great way to increase psychic awarness and spiritualism. It’s also good to have a Bible (if you believe it), a good luck stone, salt, candles, incense, sage, holy water, etc. Anything that makes you feel protected. Make sure to dismiss the spirit and close the board after you are done. Don’t overuse it, and don’t make yourself tired. If you can, research about ghosts and other powers. If you really like Ouijas, plan to find some incense and herb stores, a metaphysical store is a wonderful place to find, as it has everything Ouija related… and maybe some other things that will fascinate you.
    If you like the mystic of the board, but don’t like the board itself, try doing other things, like automatic writing. It’s similar, but people find it much less dark. Good luck and may only positive spirits find you!

  2. ting tang walla walla bing bang …………..oh wait………that’s only for consulting with the president! Beats me!

  3. if u play once don’t play again the more u play the more the demons want you
    not spirits but demons passing as spirits
    u play it alot and demons wont event let u get rid of the board
    i’m about to play it too good luck

  4. A Ouija board is a game made by a major toy company and sold to 8 year olds for money. It is not a connection to spirits or magic or any other imaginary stuff. Do you really believe that crap?

  5. the people that say ouija boards are full of crap are themselfs full of crap…one time after doing a ghost hunt at a haunted aircraft museum i got a pebble thrown at me, the medium that waz there said to me “you have done a ouija board in your new flat & SHE says to tell you that she is lonely”…i have a propa ouija board made by william fudd, when I moved in2 my new flat I done the ouija board by myself & 1 of the questions I asked was if ‘it’ was lonely…nobody else in this world could of known that because I did’nt tell anyone…plus one time my finger was stuck to the planchette & I cud’nt take it off ,I had to say “please release my finger” because my finger was bending so much it could of snapped it if it wanted to…beleive what you want but trust me its real


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