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What should you do if a bad entity wants to attack you while astral traveling? and also is it safe?

hmm. actually i don’t do drugs and it is not a “vivid dream” i know the difference between them. I used to be very skeptic and i though that it was all made up or people with too much imagination, but once i lived it everything change, it changes the way you look at life, i dont view people like i used to before.


  1. No, it is not safe, but then again what is?
    ADD: In answer to your first question, though some people are naturally adept at astral projection (travel), most people have to practice the meditation and self control necessary to accomplish it.
    Some of the forms of practice (if done correctly) can teach and strengthen evasive maneuvers to protect the mind while vulnerable like that.

  2. Man I’d want to wet myself but I couldn’t because my bladder was left behind…
    I recommend you get the Astral Combat series from Time Life before you travel…

  3. That ‘bad entity’ is none othe than your own mind trying to discern your own astral travel. Is it safe? Yes, but easy to get confused. Give it time and you’ll gradually build in experience and wisdom.

  4. Yes!
    It happened to me. I was attacked by an alien entity
    that tried to sever the “umbilical” cord that attaches
    me to my physical body…I could have been left
    floating in space and my body asleep forever.
    Its best to astral travel in groups where you can fend
    off an attacker.
    Email me if you want to go on an astral journey with me.

  5. I have been experiencing astral projections for at least 30 years now. My last one was just a week ago. I never had any incident where it scared me or felt that it was unsafe. I was told by sources that as long as your body is not moved from where you left it, you are okay.

  6. Yes astral travel is safe. Nothing can attack you during it. Do not let people tell you that you are crazy…astral travel is no crazier then the invisable sky god. For more info on astral travel you can check out sylvia browns website…http://www.sylviabrown.org.

  7. I would not attempt astral traveling without Jesus holding my hand. I guarantee you will be attacked and unless you have the protection of Jesus, the devil is going to take you down to Hell for your disbelief and arrogance.

  8. Zidane must have been reading Katharine Kerr’s “Deverry” stories. They do a lot of “astral travelling” in them.
    Zidane, the thing to do if something nasty attacks you on the astral plane is quickly follow the silver cord back down through the ethereal plane and into your body, being certain not to slam into your physical incarnation too hard, lest you bounce back, break the cord, and die.

  9. you need to read books, by Dawn Hill…you will find answers to a lot of questions you have, on that subject and things connected to that…..you need to know what you are doing..otherwise entities could easily get enmeshed into your aura….PS i cannot stress enough educate your self further….
    pss dawn hill has about 4 paper backs out, reaching 4 the other side, lifting the veil, sorry i cannot recall the others, hope that helps…and in answer to our original question,
    it is not safe unless u know what are doing…

  10. Wouldn’t worry since ‘bad entities’ and astral travel are both not real. You are either having some very vivid dreams or you take some great drugs.

  11. there are mantras you can say before and during an astral projection. one mantra also involves you imagining a white beam of light completely circling you, your room or even better still, your house.
    two of them appear here…but read more…there is alot of free information on the net….gnostic movement covers alot of these and here are 2 of the mantras http://lightenlightenment.tribe.net/thread/dc91d75b-f555-4030-83d5-9d462b8be349
    look for the circle protection one..i haven’t found it yet, but if you look hard enough you will…just get reading


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