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what should we make a room into?

We just fixed an F shaped hallway/workroom area with a staircase in it up. It will not fit a bed. There are 7 college aged individuals living in this apartment……
We want to have a room …but dont know what to make it into.
We dont drink much and dont smoke so nix those ideas.
Tea room? Zen room? Guest room? Help us….what did you make your random room into?


  1. A little Lounge area would be nice – a bookcase, a few soft lamps, a couple side tables and plants -just a quiet place- yes, like a tea room. That would be ideal. ☺

  2. definitly a peaceful area a quiet place. a zen room. Check out these items available at Partylight… the pictures so them no justice

  3. Home office or study room. With a F shape, you should be able to put a desk or more along the wall. Also, possibly use a Futon in one area with a t.v across from it. With 7 people in one house, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to ahave a small part of it be a place to go for quiet time. lol

  4. I’d suggest getting all seven people – or those interested – together & discuss all the alternatives. Then vote for the most popular idea. That way the greatest number will be satisfied.

  5. What about a place to do homework, kinda like an office. Separate a couple of different work spaces, that way you have a separate and quite place to study.


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