Home Discussion Forum What should I raise consciousness about for my Women's Studies Presentation?

What should I raise consciousness about for my Women's Studies Presentation?

It can’t be a yes or no question. It can’t be too broad or too narrow. It can’t be biased. ie: Marriage in Afghanistan (works), but Arranged Marriage in Afghanistan (too narrow). Any ideas?


  1. raise awareness about a problem here in the us. welfare reform. it is a strike against women-you must work doesn’t matter what age what is going on in the house nothing, i worked this and saw more abuse of women. if a husband is domineering the last thing he wants is a working wife, she will be abused, no doubt. if she is a mon they will herd her into a van to go to work no worry- put the kids into daycare. if you are on welfare you won’t have the choice-one of the most important i believe, to raise your own child. its messed up how we victimize victims.

  2. How about the detrimental effects of reality shows and reality programing geared toward teenage girls. The Simple Life, Laguna Beach, assorted Mtv programs all depict girls who are obviously chosen for assets other than intelligence. I’m a high school teacher and I watch young women trying to emulate these young women. They shun scholastics and hoard material items and status symbols. They will desire these items as they become adults and sadly not have to skills to get the money themselves creating a dependence on a “provider”. This will create a Neo-Victorian era setting back Women’s Rights as more young women are willing to subjugate their rights for material security.

  3. how about how women make 75 cents on the dollar compared to a man and have fewer chances to move up because of child rearing and things like that

  4. Female sexuality and why it’s so apparent in our culture. How this is an advantage to women and a disadvantage as well. For a more narrow topic…discuss women in advertising.

  5. try abortion as your subject. you can be as broad or narrow as you like with that one. opinion of both sides of the fence, don’t forget. controversy is great!


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