What should I put in my book of shadows?

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Well I just got a good binder to put all of my stuff in because I decided it was the best thing since I can add and take away papers easily but I’m not really sure where to go from here. I know I put spells, rituals, and rules, but I’m not sure what else to put. Thank you so much for your time!

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Random Panther Kitteh'sLover



I agree= Shadows

Kitteh, lover of Panther

You could write things you’d like to remember, dreams, personal experiences, ETC. You can record a summary of your rituals, and various other things. Think of it as your spiritual notebook, record anything and everything spiritual in there.

Shane K

I started a similar book when I was about 18. I started with some basic maxims and core beliefs. I find it is helpful to start with the most basic and broad ideas and work into the details. Unfortunately I don’t have the book any more but my first entries were something like this:
A man is responsible for
his actions
his reactions
his in-actions
his emotions
I am a divine immortal spirit
Reality is nothing but my own reflection
From there I would work into basic ritual concepts and frameworks. I don’t know what kind of magic you use or are trying to learn but start by detailing what you know of the basic framework. For example if you are studying elemental magic you might start with section or page devoted to each element. An example:
Fire is aggressive, always seeks to travel upward, is associated with the color yellow, and the third chakra. It is the opposite of water. Fire is an energy releasing element
You could also note moods and symbols which are associated with fire. If you use the chakra system you could create an entry for each chakra, where can add information as your studies progress.
From there you could begin to detail specific spells or rituals. I would recommend starting with your basic cleansing ritual that you would use before beginning other magic. Be specific. Not just the steps involved but the purpose behind them. For example I could put down that I begin by grounding but it is helpful to remind myself that the purpose of grounding is to create a connection between myself and the creative forces of the planet, and to provide a conduit for excess or harmful energies to escape without doing harm to me (much like an electrical circuit is grounded to prevent shock in the case of a short circuit).
You could add things like observations of natural processes, especially ones that seem to offer lessons that relate to magical processes. You could create your own symbology, which will be much more meanigful (and therefore powerful) to you that using someone else’s. Poems, meaningful phrases, diagrams, drawings, descriptions of dreams and visions, or anything else which seems to pertain to your use of magic.
I’ll offer one other specific example and then leave you to it. In any causal relationship there is a cause and an effect. You make a choice as to which role you will play. I have written in very large letters “BE CAUSE” to remind myself that it is preferable to be the cause than the effect(ed). Good luck and if you have more questions feel free to contact me at shane.kenyon@yahoo.com. I will be available for about another week and then I will be at sea.
With Love,
Shane K.


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