What should I put in my Book of Shadows? (for wiccans, pagans, and witches)?





I know I shouldn’t ask, but I am having trouble thinking of things to put in my Book of Shadows or how to arrange the info. I would like to hear some examples of what you put in your BOS or how you arranged it. I have an unlined, medium-sized, leatherbound book to write it all in. Also, I was wondering if I should put and index and/or a table of context?
TO THE ONES WHO OPPOSE MY RELIGION: please do not waste your time posting toxic prayer (thats prayer for people who don’t want it). I have tried Christianity and (I don’t mean this offensively) didn’t care for it. If you think I’m going to “hell” thats good for you, but I don’t want to hear it! Thank you.
I meant table of contents instead of “table of context”. Sorry!


  1. ummm maybe the definition of magic and what it is to you on the first page then blank then table of content then go from magical people then magical creatures but in alphabetical order then save a few pages for spells, curses, hexes, incantations.

  2. You can put anything you want in a book of shadows. Some use it like a journal. maybe you could put in the rede or some personal philosophy as a starter and then maybe the wheel of the year, some ceremonies, then a journal section .
    I don’t have an organized BOS – have bits and pieces all over with different things on them and most is in my head. (I know I am a messy witch)

  3. leave a couple of pages at the front for your table of contents so you can fill it in after the contents are arranged, start with the wiccan rede, and the law of three, then begin with the sabbats and what you do and why, that will take a bit of doing, you might want to write it out a few times on scrap paper, and you might want to add illustrations as well, like up front with the rede you want a pentagram and its meaning. etc. you will want the basics like the meaning of the colors, the quarters and all of that before the sabbats i think. Im going to start a new one since i moved and im going to do it in a 12 by 12 scrap book and use the beautiful papers and things in the scrapbooking world to really bring it to life, I wish you great fortune in your construction of your book, its very individual, and they are usually ever changing, you will want recipes for each sabbat, and then at the back you can begin to develop your own spells , charms and formulae for potions. OH, if you live near a Michaels arts and crafts they have some of the cutest halloween signs and bottles for things like spider juice and so on, Most all of my wiccan friends enjoy the silly little fripperies of the commercial halloween as something to sort of fall in with the general public, one night we can blend in and not be poked at. many blessings dear one, and drop me a private message if i can be of further help, just an old crone with about 30 yrs of wiccaning behind her, and a few in the future to go i hope.

  4. it is yours isent it. put whatever you want in it.
    i usually write down some rituals that i have designed,
    thoughts after a powerful experience like a shamanic journey or astral travel.
    i have 2 books i use one to archive rituals and wedding ceramonies that i have preformed for people and for use later in life.
    and a private book of my thoughts and inspirations, i have pictures that i draw of things that inspire me, descriptions of visions that i get, what happened on certain dates and holidays,,,
    mine is really kind of disorganised,,,some passages are written sieweays or at angles, some are upside down,,,
    i just put into it what i feel. and this is what you should do.

  5. Mine reads like a journal so it’s organized chronologically. It starts with a brief writing about being Pagan. There are spells that I have conjured, circle songs and poems, a few drawings, messages received from spirit guides. It’s a complete history of my spiritual path. I don’t really know what other people put in their Book of Shadows. I have been part of a coven but for the past 13 years I have been a solitary.

  6. You should write down the answers to life. Then write down the answers to do it, sort of like a spell.
    Demons I cast you out return to your place ware you were summoned and don’t move tell I tell you to, this I command of you.

  7. My 19 year old daughter is Wiccan, and at first I didn’t like it—more from lack of understanding about it, and prejudices imposed on me by well meaning family. However, I opened my mind and set out to learn about it, and discovered that a lot of what I had been told was simply untrue!
    It is my understanding upon talking with my daughter is that your Book of Shadows is your personal collection of thoughts, experiences and is especially important to work on in your first year or so as a Wiccan. It is more like a personal spiritual journey. So it is your choice whether you put an index, or chapters or just add thoughts whenever you like. One benefit of Wicca is there is very much a sense of individuality as opposed to strict sets of dogma and “rules” as other faiths have.
    I found the links below that may be of interest. Fortunately the Internet has some wonderful imformation.
    Incidentally, the concept of “hell’ is a Christian one. And on learning more about Wicca, I was amazed at how much of the supposed “Christian” traditions have pagan influences. Christmas trees, Easter bunnies, etc., even the colors we use to represent times of year–red and green at Christmas for example–are drawn from “pagan” roots.
    All the best on your journey, wherever it may lead you 🙂

  8. Anything that you may want to reference later. Personal experiences (with dates and details), and the things you are learning that you may want to reference later. For me, it is important to write down where the information came from if it came from a book or website. It drives me crazy when I read things I’ve written and want to go back to the source (or share the info with someone else) and I find that I was too lazy to write down where I learned it from. From experience, I have learned to always include my sources (sometimes I write down it was UPG so I remember that there wasn’t any documentary source).

  9. Okay, I would start with your Wiccan name on the first page, and the date and lunar phase of the day. On the second page, draw out the wheel of year. Use the next pages to write down some spells that you would you will use for each sabbat. Next, write down a few estate rituals. Use the next pages to alphabetically organise crystals, and their uses, then herbs and their uses. You could next have recipes, not magickal ones, but ordinary ones. You could use the back page to write out runes, or, if you want you BOS to be free from prying eyes, write everything out in Theban so that only you/your coven can read it. I really hope this has been of help, just remember to write down any important dreams, and on every page, write down the date and lunar phase if you want to make it look pretty and artistic then use gold and silver pens to draw swirls and wiccan symbols. Blessed be.

  10. Merry Meet!
    In my Book of Shadows, this is what I have:
    A title page that says Book fo Shadows
    A table of contents in pencil so that I can add and earase
    The charges of the Goddess, The God, the Dark Goddess and Dark God
    The Wiccan Rede
    Witch’s Creed
    The Law of Power
    mythology of Isis, Osiris, and Horus
    Isis Prayers
    The Fae, Spirits, and Devas
    Sabbats, Esbats, and Rituals
    Herbs, how to make candles, soap, and other natural beauty
    Crystals and all their uses
    Sacred Feminine and Tantra (im 17- never hurts to know about your body)
    A journal about all my magickal endevors
    A dream journal
    The elements
    The Arcangels
    Moon phases and Signs
    Gardeing by the Moon
    lists of Goddesses
    List of Egyptian Dieties
    And tons more.
    I add information to my book of shadows so that I always have the information on hand- I know eeverything in my book of shadows by heart. Your book of shadows can be a journal or a refrence book- its up to you, and have fun!
    Brightest Blessings
    Tempest Flair

  11. I know I’m late to this ball game (comments) but I wanted to share that I’ve started to “organize” my disorganized self, with the type of bullet journaling indexing system. It could really help the disorganization of a BOS and that is the approach that I’m taking. I’m going to have a removable part of the book in the front that I can just take sections (scrapbooking style here) and index what is what on each page/section. So that I can keep being unorganized and still be able to find things. I hope that this makes sense. I’m just thinking that I can download my brain and put what is what on an index by page or section with pages.. so the index would be like “Pagan Amazing Grace” section B, page 1″ etc. I hope this helps the disorganized, like me find things quickly and when wanted/needed right at hand. ~Heidi (I’m just a beginning and a self adjusted lifetime learner)

  12. I put rituals, spells, different stones and uses, personal thoughts. I say it’s what ever you want to put in it. I even have pictures of my grands in it. Animal totems too. What ever you want as I stated.

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