What should I put around my Buddha statue?





It looks lonely on my desk, is there anything that would look good, or is traditional to put next to or around a Buddha statue?
Christians, please no “false idol” remarks, I am Buddhist, not Christian, it is only a false idol to you.


  1. Me 2 keep it on my dressing table – But normally many buddhist keep it either in a shrine room or in a casket on the wall – with a Lamp (to symbolize enlightment) freshflowers worship dayily (to cogitate our body also wither & die same way) & incense (to remembrance of purity & goodness of our soul)

  2. Other Buddha statues, possibly other religious figures if you so desire, flowers, incense, flowers, etc. But at the same time, don’t go overboard. Too many statues of the Buddha shows an attachment to Buddhism/the Buddha and you want to get rid of your attachment.

  3. Print these words in bold font and put it around this statue.
    I worship this man-made god of wood and stone, which cannot see or hear or eat or smell.
    Prove me wrong Hurp Durp?

  4. A small candle, insense.
    “I worship this man-made god of wood and stone, which cannot see or hear or eat or smell.”
    Nice fail there Paddy you arse, do your homework, Buddha is not a “God”, and all you are doing is asserting the fact that your “God” is man-made. It’s people like you that really piss me off with how proud you are of pretending to know everything.
    HURR PROVE GOD DOESN’T EXIST HURRR just shut the hell up and admit you’re wrong, the only “right” religion is Buddhism, nobody has ever killed in the name of “Buddha” or “Atheism”, so please stop being a prick.
    An arrogant prick at that.

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