What should i look at for begginers in chakra meditation?

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show me what to read, listen to, for begginers in chakra meditation.

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A science textbook. Then forget about bs chakras.

Xachary Lightner

Here is a very simple Opened Eyed Chakra Meditation its the very first Meditation I did.

Manavji Sahaj

Reading and listening may help you to some extent but the first step for beginner is actually doing and taking small steps:
1. Be aware of your breathing whole day
2. Touch every chakra points on the body 3 times a day morning when you wake up, afternoon before eating and at night before sleeping. Touch with love and great feeling.
3. If you have shower in your bathroom then let it fall on every chakra point of the body for a minute and you can feel it while closing your eyes.
Do these three steps every day for 10 days and see the result. Also you can read the source given below to understand meditation.

Montreal Multihealing center

Have a look on the link below that deals with Chakras activation.


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