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What should I expect from a 10 day meditation retreat?

I am going on a 10 day meditation retreat and Im very anxious about it. Please give me any advise about what to expect what to bring etc.


  1. If you come to enjoy that, try implementing that lesson into you everyday living and use those principle and adapt them into your life….You’ll come to have a much richer life and experience..

  2. I’m sorry but these days An empty wallet or purse
    Stay at home and teach Yourself and enjoy a nice bowl of the Won Ton Soup

  3. Is it at a monastery? If so you will need to respect their codes of conduct, such as no drinking alcohol or intoxicants, no eating meat, or killing, even insects. You will have guided meditations from tutors such as monks and free time for your own meditation, this will be the majority of your day. You will go to bed early and get up early, and are often expected to help with chores.
    Take loose and comfortable clothes, toiletries, towels, etc, and if at a monastery think of things to donate, such as food and things like toilet paper.
    It’ll be fine, nothing to worry about, as the people on these retreats are usually some of the most pleasant people around. I hope that it is a positive, productive experience for you and that you can find some inner peace of mind and the wisdom that it brings.

  4. It is a good way to learn about your thought processes that’s for sure. I’ve always found it helpful to have several minutes/hours/days out of the ordinary routine for a while to learn more about who I am (or maybe more appropriate question “what is ‘me’?”) It needn’t be a waste of time or a big mystical magical experience.

  5. It depends. I’m guessing if it’s 10 days then you’re doing Vipassana.
    Then you should expect a lot of sitting in one position and observing your body. Sorry if i sound a bit cynical- i’ve been to a few buddhist meditation things and……. well it wasn’t for me. It was all a bit holier than thou people imparting their wisdom when they don’t even have a job.
    Anyway, if you just want to learn meditation there’s no need to go on retreat. You can do it yourself at home for free http://www.freemeditation.ca/

  6. you don’t say what kind of meditation you are doing so it is impossible to give clear answer
    don’t be anxious be happy


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