Home Discussion Forum What should i do with sleep paralysis problem?

What should i do with sleep paralysis problem?

I want to bring on sleep paralysis so i can astral project, but i can’t stop swallowing. Will swallowing stop sleep paralysis from taking place? And if it does then what should i do?


  1. Just fast until you lose your mind and you should be able to do it no problem… or hammer a nail through your hand.. that’ll make you astral project…

  2. i try to lucid dream, and my mouth creating saliva that i am constantly needing to swallow really pisses me off.
    However, last night i was having a dream. during the dream i realised that i was in a dream, and reasoned that anything was possible, so i tried to fly.
    It didn’t work, but i’m psyched that i realised that i was dreaming during a dream then actvely kept on dreaming


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