Home Discussion Forum What should I do with my Dead mother tarot cards?

What should I do with my Dead mother tarot cards?

My mother died last year and she had her cards put in storage at her parents house (my grandparents) I took her cards not sure what to do with them. She didn’t gift them to me but I am pretty sure she was going to. They are about 40 years old. So what should I do with them can I use them or should I burn them not really sure I don’t want to make bad fortune for myself.
Please Be serious in your answers thanks.


  1. They were your mother’s. Cherish them. If you don’t feel comfortable using them (they can’t hurt you – they’re used for divination, not for making things happen), then don’t.
    Do you actually think having them in your possession is going to cause you harm? They are objects.

  2. They where your mothers, and in her possession for a long time. Bless them for your use, do a cleansing ritual, and then use them as yours. As your mother has passed on, and you are her child, they should work just as well for you as they did for your mother.
    If you do not feel comfortable using them, at least find somewhere to display them. They will call out to someone close to you, who will come looking for them, and you will be able to gift them to that individual.


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