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What should i do with my broken crystal?

My amethyst had broken yesterday in two parts.What should i do? It’s shape is like a wand crystal.i don’t want to buy another one… 🙁 Answer only if you know!
Sweduang…I’ve broken it but not on purpose 🙁


  1. If you imagine that your crystal has lost energy by being broken, or is not worth as much in its new state, please think deeper…what you have gained is now two great stones…maybe you are going to encounter someone who may benefit by you giving them such a piece.
    Rocks are our history keepers…they fully understand the wisdom of change and never see such as harmful, wrong, or defacing….Vibrational patterns may change, too, but this in no way changes the original energies that created it in the first place. For example, A huge boulder falls into the ocean from a beachside cliff…It breaks into many pieces, is washed by storms & tides, some buried, some washed ashores here & there, some are crushed to sand, some sands collected to create glass or cement….sooo many changes, yet as long as one single cell structure remains, it is in itself, still part of the great cliff, still an integral part of Earth…See? Trees work in the same aspects…as do we, as people…nothing truly dies, it simply changes form & goes on…always still fully a part of the Whole that it came from.


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