what should i do with all these earth talismans in runescape?

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i recently traded a dragon 2h for 539 earth talismans. I wanted to get rid of the 2h so badly that i wasnt really paying attention. earth talismans are worth 3k a piece. they high alcemy for 2gp and i can not sell them in the ge. Is there a way to get rid of these without losing mass amounts of profit?

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13year old gamer

NO 1 WANTS earth tailsman ur canned


Put them in the G.E. & wait. They’re used for summoning so eventually they’ll probably sell.


wow…earth talismans…they dont sell according to my knowledge…but ive heard they sell for summoning the only thing i would tell yo uto do is leave em in the ge until they sell… another way would be having a good item like a god sword or a sara sword or a whip and lend it too ppl but for a price…you can say a god sword for 50k per hour and put in the talismans for them to buy do you understand…!?….


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