What should I do to start a successful pagan cult?

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Just for fun I want to start my own cult and see if people join it?How can i go about formulating it’s beliefs? attracting followers and spreading the word about it,etc etc?

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Cults are illegal…


Don’t make it Pagan…there will be too many people who know WAY more than you about all that nature/goddess stuff. Make it something based on stuff an old dead philosopher said, or better yet, imagine something new that is very loosely based on existing consipiracy theory (something like 9/11 was an inside job or that Mayan calendar thing).


Just study out who are the Nicolaitans. Then stand in line with the rest of the 30,000 denominations.


Sacrifice a child.


Be charismatic. Everything you say and do, you never admit to being wrong, even when facing down mountains of evidence that refutes your absurdities.


First you’ll need to become a successful pagan.
Otherwise you and your cult won’t stand a chance.
But, considering the attitude you seem to be starting out with,
I’m thinking you don’t stand a chance of
becoming a successful pagan.
And if you do manage to become a successful pagan,
I sincerely doubt you’ll still be interested in
trying to start a pagan cult.


I wouldn’t call it a cult. The proper word is coven. And don’t take advice from some of these stereotype-spewing Christians, as they don’t know what they are talking about.
First off, if you intend to become a Pagan you need to do your research. I can recommend you read, read, read and read some more. Possibly find a teacher for the denomination of Paganism you are interested in (IE Druidry, Asatru, Wicca, Shamanism), or look for someone who can guide you to your own pace and to your own schedule like through email or in a group online. While you are learning, you can find study partners with a certain number of people and until you are officially ordained as fully fledged Pagans (usually a year and a day of study is required first AFTER performing a dedication ritual), you and your study buddies can come together and become a coven’s elders and form your coven together. Then, you can post your coven on witchvox.com for your area.


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