What should I do to get past the vibrational state in astral projection?

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After i get the vibrations, idk what 2 do. plz help!

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Mr NiceGuy^3

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Dapper Dan, Fisherman

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after the vibrations….you have to wait for everything to quiet down 🙂 sometimes your body will just slip out by itself…usually takes about 1 min or 2……but occasionally i have had to force myself out……but after the vibrations you are pretty much set to go…you just have to get up and float around 🙂 i dunno why you didn’t get past the vibrations…i guess it happnes…i sometimes had times where i got in the zone but it just stopped cuz i moved or was afraid or something 😀
feel free to contact me if ya need 😀

A Unique Mind

Hey what’s up. Most of the hard work comes before the vibrations settle in (diverging the paths of body & mind & inducing sleep paralysis for instance). Once you do feel the vibrations a number of things can happen. Sometimes you may just end up out of your body without even really trying. Other times it requires some mental effort. Practice mentally moving the vibrating energy all through you to specific parts of your body. Move it around in waves etc & just get a feel for it. Feel the vibrational energy emanating from all around you & entering into your astral body that’s lying there still attached to your physical body. Try moving it around & increasing the intensity of it. Once you feel the vibes are strong enough it’s go time! Just simply will yourself out. Feel yourself rising & you will do just that. Picture yourself out & you may just snap out.
At times you may get stuck & unable to get out. When that happens try to mentally increase the vibrational rate. The more you’re vibrating the more chances of getting out. You can try focusing on specific areas, drawing in more energy & moving it towards certain areas increasing the rate there & try to loosen that part up. As you gain experience with the vibes it will become easier to move them around & increase the rate at will. Which will make it easier to get out.
When you’re trying to increase the vibrational feeling all through you, focus on it & only it. Feel the vibes & feel them getting stronger. Don’t let your mind wander. Stay focused on the task at hand. You know how people sometimes do exercises like focusing on a flame & nothing but the flame. Well that’s what this is sort of like. Focus strictly on the vibes & nothing else & they will get stronger. Don’t get too excited or fearful as that will only decrease the vibrational sensation. As will random thoughts. Get them outta your head. You have to be in a passive state of mind, unfazed by it all. Be thoughtless & focused on the vibrational feeling all throughout your astral self.
Also people can sometimes get confused about the vibrations. Sometimes you can feel like tingly or vibrating sensations all over & even control them, but they aren’t necessarily the vibes that are required to project. Those types of vibes can happen during any deep meditation but aren’t anywhere as near as intense as the vibes required to project. You should know without a doubt when the proper vibes do come as they will feel powerful all through you & will be like nothing you’ve experienced before.


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