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What should I do to convince my mom that the Iluminatti and the New World Order are real?

I am 15 perfectly normal and my parents want to hospitalize me because I believe that the new world order will happen in 2012!! I am not acting crazy or anything like that. They just want to do it because i simply believe in the NWO


  1. Make a tin foil hat for her and then get her to sit down and watch a You Tube conspiracy theory video, then you can both make your own You Tube conspiracy theory video with an American flag in the background, proclaiming that America is doomed. Be careful, because you don’t want to end up like that guy in Waco.

  2. Just tell them it’s normal for teenage boys to believe obsessively in wacky outlandish theories with no basis in fact.
    Don’t forget to apologise to them in 2013.

  3. There’s plenty of research you can do on the subject, though righting a report is not what a normal 15 year old kid would do. This will only add to there sense of unease, and might provoke a medical and or psychological treatment. this maybe on your list of agendas, but is not recommended. The only thing to do is not draw attention to yourself and wait it out, wait until the subjects themselves surface in 2012, or in the more extreme option join or bring about these organization into the world or yourself. If none of these work you can always resort to the tinfoil hat thingy previously stated.

  4. I think you are an attention-seeker spinning us a nice yarn.
    Now finish your homework, drink your milk and get off to bed.


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