• wear sweats and a t-shirt
    remember that when you start meditating, you’re heart beat slows down and your temp goes down too, so bring a sweatshirt
    don’t wear anything uncomfortable, no one cares about fashion or will notice if you dress badly; all you have to do is wear something warm and cozy

  • Wear modest, comfortable clothes. Many places ask that you not wear something with wild patterns and not too “showy”, like bright colors. Talk to someone you might be going with or call someone for the absolute answer for the med. ctr. you’re going to.


  • the buddhist temples i go to don’t really have dress codes (that i’ve seen). i suppose anything acceptable in everyday society would be fine. you could always ask one of the monks if you want clarification though. :}

  • Long sleeve t-shirt and loose yoga pants would be acceptable. You will be sitting on the floor, so think comfortable and modest.

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