What should do to be able to continue in the process of Astral Projection?





I manage to be able to get myself relaxed, and I can get to the point where I no longer feel my body but more of a tingling sensation. After that I don’t really go anywhere in the process, I’ve tried multiple techniques and they have not worked for me. I am a beginner and I am aware that it won’t be easy for me on the first few tries, but any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.


  1. It usually happens when kids hit there Adolescent years, the rise in sexual hormones. Here is a Secret Analogy to help understand it better:
    “The tree of knowledge thinks a single thought of lust and the tree of life begins to blossom. Stimulate the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge begins to blossom, you tap into the other 90% of the brain that most people will never use because they are ****ing their brains out, literally.”
    Taking Aphrodisiacs, such as Bulgarian Trib and Longjack will intensify the OBE occurrence.
    There are several methods I use:
    Generation Stage Meditation is the best. Using Visualization to control the mind into staying still on a particular object, painting or a statue. The key is to trick the mind into thinking it’s gone to sleep, the deep relaxation, but keeping the mind awake by concentrating on an image. When asleep, the mind disconnects from the body to prevent you from acting out dream scenarios. Say you were dreaming of a fight, so you won’t be beating the crap out of your lover. You can OBE while sitting up, but it’s easier when lying down. So first do your meditation while sitting lotus style (you don’t want to ever lay down when meditating, you’ll just fall asleep) then lay down for the preliminaries to follow: the body becoming paralyzed, the raising of the consciousness to the brow, from brow to top of head, the pop, the vibes, the release from the body.
    Studying the Japanese language. WTF? yeah I know, but the same area associated with language learning is also associated with OBEs, it’s the right angular gyrus. I’ve tried other languages, but Japanese seems to do the trick.
    This herbal formula “AsthmaClear”, by Ridgecrest Herbals, Inc.
    Causes OBEs at night when I go to sleep. I had a lot better results when it had the ephedra in it also, but it was at such a low dose(6 mg) that there was no need to worry. I think it has something to do with increasing the Prana. In Ancient times Epedra was called Soma and Amrita, the nectar of the gods. Rightly so, because it caused OBEs so you can visit the gods and other celestial beings. I believe that’s the real reason it got banned. It’s not illegal, it’s still sold.
    Ephedra sinica seeds from
    The Hyper-dimensional Resonator works, but is quite expensive $500, I have one.
    The Consciousness Transference Yoga of the Six Yogas of Naropa, before you can try this, you must first practice, generation stage, then completion stage. These 6 yogas are all completion stage practices.
    I’ve also had some luck with the Buddhist Swastika Necklace, I believe it helps protect me from the evil spirits.
    wearing it at Walmart
    The term ‘Swastika’ is a fusion of the two Sanskrit words ‘Su’ (good) and ‘Asati’ (to exist), which when combined means ‘May Good Prevail’. Historians say the Swastika represented a real structure and that in ancient times forts were built for defense reasons in a shape closely resembling the Swastika. For its protective power this shape began to be sanctified.
    It is often depicted on the chests of the statues of Buddhas as a symbol of the teaching of Buddhism. It also treated in respect similar to a cross in that it is the power of the Buddha that protects from all evil.
    What Buddhists Believe
    It’s not dangerous, that’s something Christians say, Buddhists do it all the time, it’s part of the Pureland School of Buddhism’s Practice.
    “Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sam Buddhassa”
    (Homage to Him, the Blessed One, the Exalted One, the Fully Enlightened One.)

  2. I suggest that you stop this practice immediately. It’s an occult practice
    You don’t know what you’re dealing with.

  3. If you are able to truly reach such a state then you are indeed a rare and gifted individual and also you have reached “astral travel ” so called you are having an experience of yourself as a mental construct and thats about as far away from your body you are ever going to go

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