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What should a Pagan do in daily life?

I personally go for walks among nature and participate in environmentalism. I also leave offerings for the Gods and meditate on almost a daily basis. I am interested to hear what other Pagans from all paths do in their daily lives.


  1. I often do the same thing but not daily. I am not a religious pagan but do what seems right to do at the moment. I revere the earth and all that she has given me. I believe her to be alive.

  2. I am not a Pagan (not sure what it is… I’m a Christian and believe in one God, but from your description I’m going to assume a pagan has some connection with nature and multiple Gods.)
    I would say that taking the time to enjoy the world and appreciate the things around you would be a simple answer for your question. 🙂

  3. It’s going to depend on what you feel ‘being a Pagan’ is all about.
    I aim to manifest the divine within me more and more. So I meditate, study, do all sorts of things to bring me in harmony with my divine nature.
    I aim to work in harmony with nature more and more. So not only do I take walks and recycle and such, but I study the world/environment/plants/animals/chemistry/physics/etc to better understand how they work.
    I teach others what I know as best I can. I work to live with honor, bravery, and skill.
    That doesn’t tell you how to live YOUR life, tho. Just how I live mine.

  4. I enjoy those as well. Sometimes though the weather is too cold for the walks, so I meditate, unfortunately the power was off almost all day so somethings had to wait.

  5. I usually just admire the little things in nature and try to live life to it’s fullest. That’s why I think we are here.

  6. I love being outdoors, but it’s not because I’m a pagan, I love nature because I’m human 🙂
    I don’t really do anything special. I come on here almost daily and that does have something to do with me being Pagan, dunno if it counts though.
    What should a Pagan do?
    Whatever they want. Unless their religion demands they perform specific daily rites, their free to do whatever they want.
    You don’t have to talk to trees or walk in the woods everyday to be Pagan after all 🙂

  7. My Folks were Biologists – so my understanding of the environment pre-dated my Spirituality & remains a constant.
    Beyond that, I’m lucky I live inner-city with 1/8 acre yard. Close walk to lots of things if weather permits.
    Reduce/Reuse/Give to Pre-schools for kid’s crafts &/or Recycling. Even reducing what’s recycling I could put my Recycling in out weekly instead of fortnightly & the normal bin fortnightly. Neighbours are happy letting me “top” up their bins.
    1-2 Fuel free days/week – just upgraded to a smaller car
    Low power light bulbs & other power saving things.
    Permiculturing the yard, Composting, Pet Chock, wood stove for heating. Some food scraps are put out as a “Gift to the Goddess in the form of the local wild life”
    Rain water tanks (we’re still in a drought here) & insulation.
    Volunteer for lots of things.
    Sure there’s more but I can’t think ATM.


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