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What set of beliefs involves: Astral projection and the great mother?

Hi there. My friend seems to have become involved in a religion that involves astral projection (through “love,” as he says) and the great Mother. I asked him where he heard of this, and he claims it comes from the Bible. Is there any religion/set of beliefs that involves these concepts…? I’m curious.

Thanks in advance.


  • well , wica paganism things of that nature for the great mother part ( the lady , goddess etc ) astral projection doesnt really truly have that much to do with the religion aspect of it . its something that is done more so by those practitioners but its not a must have so i wouldnt consider that part of the religion sweetie . and , as a side note , anyone can astral project . there is a wiccan bible ( i dont know about others cause im not them ) but not thinking the christian bible has that … blessings be !!

  • The great mother is mother earth and part of paganistic beliefs. And typically astral projection is through desire, but sex is sometimes used. Though your mind would be too focused on your body if you ask me…which you did. Yayyy.

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