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What sects of Christianity believe in reincarnation?

Someone told me that Bible makes many mentions of reincarnation such as Elijah being reincarnated as John the Baptist. I don’t remember the idea reincarnation being accepted in Christianity and I would like to know what sects of Christianity believe in reincarnation.


  • I am a 78year old female. I was raised in the Church..went to Catholic schools.
    Since I am advancing in age I have studied many religions.
    I happened on article by Edgar Casey. His writings about how God came to create the Universe were amazing. Not only that but his description of a harmonic creation is now being verified by no less than Stephen Hawking and several others.
    When I read his response to reincarnation it changed my whole view of God. Casey explains that all souls were created before God built the Universe. We go through life either learning from past mistakes,plus soul remembers them and aims us in a better direction.
    Instead of the fear I had, since a young child, I saw God as a loving Father image.
    To me it was never believable that a loving God could create the vast Universe with thousands of planets and our small, insignifient little planet is the only one with His children. Doesn’t make sense.

  • There is many Christians denominations who believe in Reencarnation. a few of them are:

    Liberal Catholic Church
    The Gnostic Church
    The Rosicrucian Fellowship (Max Heindel)

  • To all @’urbi et orbi’,

    A Christian definition of Rebirth, c.k.a. reincarnation (Max Heindel, RCL, 1908): the doctrine of reincarnation (rebirth in human bodies) postulates a slow process of development carried on with unwavering persistence through repeated embodiment in human forms of increasing efficiency, whereby all beings are in time brought to a height of spirituality inconceivable to our present limed understanding … cf. John 16:12

    Creation and Evolution: the above definition comes from the Esoteric Christian teachings known as ‘Western Wisdom Teachings’ that advocate the dualistic view: on one hand, they hold that man is a Spirit — mankind being composed of virgin Spirits differentiated within God Himself as “sparks from a Flame” at the beginning of Manifestation, prior to the beginning of pilgrimage through matter — enfolding all the powers of God and that these powers are being slowly unfolded by a series of existences in a gradually improving earthy body; REBIRTH (c.k.a. reincarnation); on the other hand, that this process of development has been performed under the guidance of exalted Beings who are yet ordering our steps, though in a decreasing measure, as man gradually acquires intellect and will.

    “How can these things be?” in the Holy Bible: cf. Matthew 13:11 and Luke 8:10.

    In Christian friendship,
    Marco (from Portugal)

  • Reincarnation is not Biblical.

    The laws of karma and reincarnation are man made and wretched.
    If you travel to a places in the world where people truly believe, you will find the true nature of it and how it holds people in it’s grip.
    Thanks to lack of education and with the help of men like Deepak Chopra,
    Westerners have a very watered down idea of it.
    Take for example a person that has caused much destruction – Hitler, for example, as his name always comes up. Karma and reincarnation teaches that upon his death, the bad karma he accumulated goes on into another life but the recipient has no idea of the weight they are carrying. Hitler’s soul could be reincarnated into another person, animal or insect. There are some people that wear mouth and nose coverings to avoid breathing someone in. (I’m not joking.)
    In countries where karma rules the day and homeless children roam the street, other citizens do nothing to help them. Not because they are cruel but because the child has accumulated bad karma and they believe the sooner the child dies he can begin again. I saw a news article a few years back about a heartbroken mother that had lost her 13 year son to an early death. Just after the funeral, an iguana walked into her home. The photo showed her with tears rolling down her face as she held it – because she was convinced it was her son reincarnated.
    I stronly suggest the book by Ravi Zacharais called “Jesus Among Other Gods”. He was raised in India and has a clear understanding of these things – and he takes strong offense to the tripe dished out by Deepak Chopra

  • Only the wise ones, which are in this case non existent.

    Jesus was an Essene rabbi. Essenes accepted reincarnation as fact. I.e., Jesus believed in reincarnation — and taught it. It’s there in the bible for anyone who has eyes to see and the ability to see through the ignorant and biased interpretations that followed.

    Read “Many Mansions” by Gina Cerminara. It’s a biography of Edgar Cayce, a devout Southern Baptist who opened a lot of doors on the subject of Christianity and reincarnation.

  • Several Christian denominations which support reincarnation include the Christian Community, the Liberal Catholic Church, Unity Church, The Christian Spiritualist Movement, the Rosicrucian Fellowship and Lectorium Rosicrucianum. The Medieval heretical sect known variously as the Cathars or Albigensians who flourished in the Languedoc believed in Reincarnation, seeing each soul as a fallen angel born again and again into the world of Matter created by Lucibel (Lucifer). Only through a Gnostic ‘Rebirth’ in the Holy Spirit through Christ could the soul escape this process of successive existences and return to God.

    • thank you! i’ll try to get in touch with them. how could anyone be a christian and don’t believe in reincarnation?

  • Reincarnation does NOT exist in the bible. When Jesus was tranfigured on the mount he was with Elijah and Abraham. True Christians know reincarnation doesnt happen.
    For 1 thing if reincarnation were real, how did we get so many ppl on this world? Reincarnation equals recycling.

    • Hi Ricky,
      Souls are constantly being created by the God-Energy.
      Also Souls can incarnate, or reincarnate, anywhere in the unimaginable vastness of the Universe.
      Reincarnation does not automatically equal recycling, it is merely a tool to advance from one state of being to (hopefully) a higher next one; simlar as to go from kindergarden to University.

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