Home Discussion Forum What scriptures do you have to prove that Buddha statues are cursed?

What scriptures do you have to prove that Buddha statues are cursed?

by Freedom:

Some say Buddha statues are cursed and if you have them in your home, strange, bad stuff can happen. Do any strong Christians out there have Bible scriptures that can support this?

Answer by YesWeCan!
LOL who said that? gosh.


  1. Christians also say that George Carlin repented on his death bed. Some people will say anything to get more control over people.

  2. Buddha has nothing to do with the bible. He was actually a prince a long, long time ago( around 500 bc). If someone finds something in the bible about it, i would be confused, as Buddhism is a belief about life , not a form of religion( no one believes he is a god).
    Plus, i have a little tiny Buddha that i bought at ac more for a buck. I dont have bad luck, and obviously curses arent real.

  3. Why would scriptures prove anything is cursed?
    Why would scriptures prove anything at all?
    Scriptures are stories, not facts.

  4. We believe that God put a curse on all religions that our outside of Himself, Yahwah, whose we also call Jehovah. We believe that is why so many diseases in non-Christian lands. Personally, I wouldn’t bring these items into my home.

  5. To Clay:
    “If there is a God, we can at least say he’s incompetent and most likely, doesn’t give a sh-t.” George Carlin

    • Actually it’s more than that. It’s an idol and a false God. Both forbidden in the 10 commandments. I have seen first hand the devastation caused by these little statues.
      But let me just say this, God loves Buddhist people, just not their false God.

  6. George Carlin’s somewhat right. God is not interested about what happens in the world (i.e. the pastor who was going to burn the Qur’an). God is more interested about people repenting.
    The Scriptures can only prove to the religious (Acts 9:22). They do not constitute as proof to atheists and perhaps agnostics.

  7. As far as I know, that isn’t in the Bible. But, the Bible does say to not make any graven images and not commit idolatry. Buddha statues would seem to fit in that category.

  8. Yes, there is a curse on a Buddha statue. The demonic spirits attach to it and if you bring it in your house , if will cause bad things to happen to you.

  9. also, once I knew someone that had one and the demonic spirits transferred over to our house when he came over. There are definitely accursed spirits on it. Buddhism is a false teaching about God .

  10. The Buddha was a man who lived about 500 BC and came up with some teachings about how to lead a good life, be kind to one’s fellow man and have respect for all forms of life. Unfortunately the Bible has no teachings that I have been able to find about how we should treat statues of him. Personally, I think we should look at the statue and think, what would Jesus have done? It seems unlikely that he would want us to worry about curses.

  11. Who ever that was that said the Bible is not fact but is stories I have a few things to clue you in on. Actually if you have ever opened up the bible and educated yourself a bit you would soon come to realize that a moderate portion of the Bible has been proven. A big one was the discovery of the remains of Noahs Arc in the mountains of Turkey and yes the did all kinds of research and even found all kinds of hairs from many different animals inside of the arc. There is many many other scriptures that have recently been proven. So before you throw your two cents in you might want to do a little research. It’s alright though it’s only out of ignorance so I will be sure and say a pray for you.

  12. All you unbelievers sure are one of the first ones to rattle off their mouth about something you feel doesn’t exist and I would completely understand if you were able to experience all the amazing things and feelings that God has so graciously poured on those of us who have been lucky enough to have faith in him and every word in the bible. So just go on and continue down that path leading you to the unknown and those of us who are of God will continue down our path that’s been full of complete joy and happiness and is leading us to our eternity full of things that are so glorious you can’t.

  13. Acts 17:23-25
    I was going through your city and I saw the things you worship. I found an altar that had these words written on it: ‘ TO AN UNKNOWN GOD.’ You worship a god that you don’t know. This is the God I want to tell you about. “He is the God who made the whole world and everything in it. He is the Lord of the land and the sky. He does not live in temples built by human hands. He is the one who gives people life, breath, and everything else they need. He does not need any help from them. He has everything he needs.
    Acts 17: 29-31
    “That’s right. We all come from God. So you must not think that he is like something people imagine or make. He is not made of gold, silver, or stone. In the past people did not understand God, and he overlooked this. But now he is telling everyone in the world to change and turn to him. He has decided on a day when he will judge all the people in the world in a way that is fair. To do this he will use a man he chose long ago….He proved it by raising HIM from d dead


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