What scientific evidence is there that life forms have auras?

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I decided to do a persuasive speech for my Communication class on this topic after reading part of Experiments in Energy Healing by Gary E. Schwartz. Included were some interesting experiments that really seemed to suggest the existence of the body energy often referred to as “aura” or “chakra”. Any experiments or research done by trusty sources would be greatly valued. Thanks!

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I had a picture of my “aura” taken at a mall once. I’m all blue and green. Hope that helps…

Amiable Atheist

‘Any experiments or research done by trusty sources would be greatly valued.’
None outside the realm of pseudoscience, I’m afraid. You won’t find any scientific papers on auras in peer-reviewed scientific journals, simply because there is no evidence for them.


Here’s the closest thing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirlian_photography
The cause here is the Corona Effect which is a lot different than the claims.


Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence that auras, as understood by energy healers and others, exists. Yet the Chinese medical community has used the idea of the Chi or Life Force in successfully treating illness and conditions for thousands of years. As a TT practitioner myself, I will swear I have felt the auras of many people. I don’t know what to tell you. I believe they exist, but science says they don’t. I think, sometimes, you just have to trust your intuition, your Inner Voice and Wisdom, your Link to God.


Nothing that’s actually any good.


none, dodgy film used in cameras at these new age conventions are not evidence. try google scholar (it is at the top left, under “more”), there you can get access to peer reviewed material, there isn’t any i’ve already checked

Frou Frou

i dont know of or have any evidence
but i have my theory that basicalyl as the ‘soul’ is energy, and as we take in energy then energy wil be emited from us as wel, and as it is from other things
aura, is that energy being dispelled
energy is a scientific fact
we can see heatwaves
we can measure radiation
we cant figure out how to, scintifically and socialy acceptably, measure auras or explain them, so peopel ignore its possible existence
whether aurars are real or not, i dont know, i dont claim to know, i have never seen one in my life,but i do acknowledge that they are possible and supported by scientific facts


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