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What science is there in Kabbalah?

Quote from Maddonna: “I realised I had finally found a belief system of philosophy that incorporated science and spirituality,” said Madonna.
I don’t know of any branch of science that associates itself with any religion, but I do see religions trying to validate themselves by cherry-picking facts from science. Isn’t a mystical religion the very antithesis of science? So what real science is there in Kabbalah?


  1. Your flaw is listening to Madonna, who does not study real Kabalah in the least bit.
    When you have a serious interest in the real thing, I’ll answer.

  2. Kabbalah is full of physics actually. Einstein said that he made use of several aspects of Kabbalah when he came up with his famous formula.
    No, you’re wrong about “isnt mystical religion the very antithesis of science”. This only applies to Christianity. The further to the right, to the fundamentalist Christianity you go, the LEAST mystical it gets.
    However, the further to the right, to the more fundamentalist in Judaism, the MORE mystical it gets. In Judaism it is the liberal branches who have thrown out all the mysticism, while the Ultra Orthodox have kept it sacred.
    Here is an interesting website
    And what Madonna studies is NOT Kabbalah, it is a farce. The Kabbalah Centres she attends are NOT kosher and the “rabbi” of them has been excommunicated from the Orthodox Jewish community for being a fraud. He is nothing more than a used car salesman with his “magic kabbalah water” and all that crap.

  3. There is no science as we think of it in the practice of Kabbalah, but neither is what Madonna thinks she’s part of have anything to do with the practice of Kabbalah. Kabbalah is an esoteric interpretation of the Torah. The books, like the Zohar, are not religious texts in and of themselves, but only keys, guides, for understanding the five books of Moses. True practitioners of Kabbalah are Torah observant Jews who have spent a life time mastering things like Gematria (a type of numerology). That very numerological basis for interpretation could be considered a science. Remember, the first “science” recognized by Europeans was Theology, while what we know consider science was called “natural philosophy”.

  4. With the growing influence of mystical Judaism (Kabbalah), astrology was becoming more popular among Jews. Maimonides wrote: “Whoever is involved in astrology and plans his work or a trip based on the time set by those who examine the heavens is liable to be whipped . . . All these matters are lies and deceit . . . Whoever believes in these matters . . . is but a fool and lacking in sense.”–Mishneh Torah, “Laws of Idolatry,” chapter 11; compare Leviticus 19:26; Deuteronomy 18:9-13..

  5. Kaballah is a science, It is not based on beliefs. It is based on true study of reality as it is revealed in our senses. When studying kabbalah you actually investigate things like a scientist studying gravity…
    There is more in these links below:


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