Home Discussion Forum what' s the difference between warlock, wizard and witch?

what' s the difference between warlock, wizard and witch?

They are all that wield magic, but what’s the difference?
The spell? the magic? or the figure and race?


  1. A warlock is usually a term given to an older magically being, they specialize in the theory aspect of magic.
    A witch and a wizard are the general terms for a magical being, the difference being one is a female and the other a male.

    • Wrong! A female witch is called a wichen. You did not make a distinction between a witch and a wizard. A warlock is always male. There IS a difference between witches and wizards. Do define them. I can. I am a seer or psychic-not by choice. Using the Runes can be a dangerous activity. I have experienced this and do not want to go there again.

  2. Warlock actually means “betrayer” There is no such thing as a wizard. The term Witch can be male or female. Witch means “wise one” A witch simply manipulates energy for a certain purpose.

  3. Enjoy all your answers: pray that you pick the right one, then take two aspirin and call me in the morning…
    Warlocks are male witches. They, along with witches, are primarily derived from the Celtic priesthood. They commune with Nature to understand it, abide by it, and satisfy the human spiritual nature.
    Wizards are learned wise people, usually men (Magi) or women (Priestesses) who are more likely to deal with alchemy, science and philosophy than chants and spells. They understand the forces of Nature, and know how to use it for physical plane purposes.
    The concepts come from different time periods and different cultures, and all were severely mangled along the way.
    And they will continue to be mangled with these answers…

  4. Ah well that would depend on which pagan tradition you are following since they have different meanings. However a basic overveiw.
    Witch – a practitioner of the craft (not religeon – that is only one aspect of Wicca) of Witchcraft. Can be male OR female.
    Wizard – figment of imagination that does not exist in the pagan community except in the minds of the people who claim to be them, it can refer to a sorcerer but they are more likely on the Ceremonial Magic (not stage magic) path and would likely call themselves alchemists or anything other than ‘wizard’
    warlock – this is NOT a male witch. Warlock refers to a man who was involved in a coven who broke coven oaths about secrecy, he would be in effect ‘excommunicated’ to borrow a term from Christianity. Warlock as male witch has been misconstrued by the media.

  5. Wizard and warlocks are part of pop fiction and video games, Witch comes from a Welsh word and refers to a man a woman herbalist/healer is a she witch.

  6. A Witch is one who practices witchcraft – be they male or female. Witchcraft is a magical practice, a set of skills that entails working magic utilizing natural earth energies, often including some form of herbal/alternative healing, and usually some form of divination.
    A Warlock is the term applied to a witch who has betrayed his coven. It means “oath breaker”, basically a traitor, and is seen as an offensive term to most witches. A coven is a group of witches that practices together – members must be initiated into the group. Disclosing coven secrets/teachings to non-members could qualify someone to be labeled with the term “warlock”.
    A Wizard is simply a wise man who is a practitioner of magic. While there are some schools of magic today that the students and practitioners refer to themselves as wizards, it is not as common and the term is more often used in fictional stories.


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