Ive been studying the history of wicca and stuff and ive been trying out spells (one worked so far) and im going to claim myself when i am 16 i am 12 now but i still want to know what you do when you claim yourself.


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  • first of all you should not be trying out spells you should be reading and trying to get a better View of what wicca is.because its Not all just casting spells i get so pissed when people say oh your wiccan you play with spirit board right and i say no and they say why not?because thathat’sl they thing wicca is is just doing things for fun.its real and you ned to be carefull a child plays with a toy a wiccan does not play around

  • Just keep studying and learning. You’ve got time.

    Also, be careful of what you study, such as things about Wiccan history.

    There are a lot of bad writers out there. Here is a good website for you: wicca.timerift.net.

  • Well, you’re giving yourself 4 years, which should be plenty to write a great self-dedication ritual! You do well to give yourself those years to study and to be sure of your commitment.

    If you want to dedicate yourself as a Wiccan and Witch, it is normal to renounce any previous errors, dedicate yourself to the Old Gods (you may name them if you wish), and proclaim yourself Wiccan and Witch. You do this within a Circle properly cast so that the Guardians may witness and all on the higher planes may know you as a dedicant to the Old Ones and a practitioner of the Craft. The commitment must come from your heart, not merely from your mouth, though the words themselves have power. So it is well you do this prayerfully and joyfully.

    Blessed Be.

  • Wiccan history is pretty interesting but, actually declaring yourself a witch even today can be pretty dangerous as far as how people view you and how you will begin to view yourself. You’re probablly not intersested, but Christians in history as well as today are empowered with supernatural gifts as well, such as prochecy, healing, and speaking in tongues. The bible says that God has given man the power to accomplish any miracle that Jesus has done “even walking on water” if your faith is strong enough.

  • Well you must compete In the Wiccan:Conjurer tournament. you must battle

    jk, im guessing until you become a Pro and follow the rules, or else they might just confuse you as a demon and not a ProFessional Wiccan Conjurer.

    but you can still consider yourself a Wiccan if your doing Wiccan stuff. but youll have to be clear that you are a Wiccan learner.

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