What "rites of passage" are relevant to modern American teenagers?

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Most cultures provide their young adults a ceremony or introduction into the community. These may be physical (piercings, tattoos), spiritual ceremonies (sweat lodges, vision quests), religious (bar/bat mitzvah), or societal (cotillions), but rites seem to have fallen out of favor. Or have they?
Let me rephrase; What initiation into the adult world do kids have today? Obviously getting a drivers license (and all the other things you listed) is an important step, but it doesn’t mark them as “adult” to the society at large. What does?

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or intellectual! education, bachelors degree, achievement, ^_^
i remember what my late father told me, you become an adult, but never a fulfilled one, unless your sons and daughters look up to you. hmmmm makes sense though. ^_^


Getting a license to drive at the age of 16.


Oh, no, there are still very important rites of passage for today’s youth!!
Driver’s License
First date
First kiss
Loss of virginity
Middle-school graduation
High-school graduation
First job
First car (even if bought by parents)
Making “the” sports team (whatever team that is in school)
Earning a “letter” (Letterman’s Jacket) for US students
A class ring
Someone else’s class ring (going steady/quasi-engaged)
Old enough to have a MySpace/Facebook/whatever page.


training bras & training jock straps



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