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What requirements would I have to satisfy for an official occult religious organization?

As in starting one.


  1. Grab a group of friends and try to manipulate the natural forces around you and redirect them towards a goal…that’s all
    The christians don’t know anything on this subject (at least the ones that say it have anything to do with hell or satan)

  2. Try registering as a religious organisation, after all it would be a religion as you’d worship “The Devil”.
    You do realise the God botherers are about to try and save your soul on this one.

  3. I could tell you about how to start a cult. But I wouldn’t know about the occult. Because the occult isn’t in any way funny. I can say to you however, that people in no way manipulate spiritual powers in the occult. But the spiritual powers do manipulate them, always ending in loss. Because the powers involved are ALL dangerous to human kind. And when they submit to them its very hard for them to ever let go again.

  4. It depends on if you want to be hermetic or be recognized by the state (the latter benefits only taxes).
    I suggest hermetic, and then in that regard… conduct in secret and in code… that is the only way to preserve it… if it ultimately fails, then no one can bum-rush it and capitalize on that failure… giving its members the ability to thrive another day.
    All the members should be have a unified-theory about their goals, as well. There is lee-way, there must… but construct it in such a way that will provide flexibility. Fixity is death, fluidity: life.

  5. Dude they cant agree on anything – no way they gonna agree on whats occult – join the catholics, join the baptists, join the Mormons or join the church of the 17 sqidoodly dharmas like i did.
    Ask someone its a cult, ask someone else its a valid religion dude go figure they’re all whacked.


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