What religion(s) introduced the idea of reincarnation?





I am trying to find out what religions had to do with the creation of this idea. I think hinduism but I am not sure


  1. I say Catholics. My mother was a Catholic who was raised by nuns, she believed in reincarnation and purgatory, yet I have found nothing about either in the bible.

  2. The idea of reincarnation goes all the way back to the emergence of man himself. All primitive indigenous people have some concept of rebirth, either as a member of the tribe or as an animal spirit. Look at the beliefs of the religions that predated all civilizations and you can find reincarnation in some form. The real question is when did the idea of rebirth into the real world change into the idea of rebirth into another, spiritual world.

  3. The Hindu’s sounds right to me.
    Jesus referred to reincarnation in the buy-bull. when he introduced John the Baptist he explained that they knew him before as Elijah.
    In Gnosticism, John the Baptist was a “personification” of the Old Testament prophet Elijah. As an Old Testament prophet, Elijah did not know the True God (the God of the New Testament), and thus had to be reincarnated in Gnostic theology. As predicted by the Old Testament prophet Malachi, Elijah must “come first” to herald the coming of Jesus Christ.
    Modern anthroposophy, initiated by Rudolf Steiner, concurs with the idea that the Baptist was a reincarnation of Elijah, in line with the Synoptic Gospels (e.g. Mark 9:11-13,Matthew 11:13-14,Luke 7:27), although the Gospel of John explicitly denies this (John 1:21). Furthermore, after his beheading at Machaerus his soul is said to have become the inspiring group genius of Christ’s disciples. According to Steiner the painter Raphael and the poet Novalis were more recent incarnations of John the Baptist.

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